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Sukabumi District, is a district in Tatar Sundanese, West Java Province, Indonesia. The capital is Palabuhanratu. Sukabumi district is the second largest district in the island of Java after Banyuwangi in East Java Province. The district borders Bogor regency in the north, Cianjur regency in the east, the southern Indian Ocean, as well as Lebak regency in the west.

At first the area Sukabumi currently exist under Cianjur district during the Dutch East Indies colonial administration, which is part of the residency Priangan (Residentie Preanger Regentschappen). In 1776 the Regent of Cianjur sixth Raden Noh Wiratanudatar VI formed a kepatihan named Kepatihan Tjikole which consists of several districts of the district Goenoengparang, district Tjimahi, district Tjiheoelang, district Tjitjoeroeg, district Jampangtengah, and district Jampangkoelon with the central government in Tjikole (now part of the City Sukabumi).

On January 13, 1815, Kepatihan Tjikole renamed Kepatihan Soekaboemi. Soekabumi name was proposed by Dr. Andries de Wilde, a surgeon who has coffee and tea plantations in the area Soekaboemi. The origin of the name "Sokaboemi" comes from the Sanskrit Soeka, "pleasure, happiness, joy" and bhoemi, "earth ground". So "Soekabumi" means "land of the preferred".

District of Kepatihan be 
Sukabumi district itself started up since determined by Dirk Fock Besluit Governor General dated 25 April 1921 no. 71 which is described Soekaboemi status as a district (Afdeling) separated from the District Tjianjoer, effective since June 1, 1921. The first Regent was RAA Soerianatabrata, the last duke of Kepatihan Soekaboemi. In 1923, the residency Priangan divided into three parts, namely West Preanger (Priangan west) centered on Soekaboemi, Midden Preanger (Priangan center) based in Bandoeng and Oost Preanger (Priangan east) based in Tasikmalaya. RAA Soerianatabrata itself ruled until 1930.

The second regent Soekabumi district is RAA Soeriadanoeningrat who ruled until the Japanese occupation. Reform of administrative divisions occurred in West Java during his reign. Formed 5 Karesidenan new in West Java, namely Residentie Bantam Regentschappen (residency Bantam), Residentie Batavia Regentschappen (residency of Batavia), Residentie Boeitenzorg Regentschappen (residency Boeitenzorg / Bogor), Residentie Tjirebon Regentschappen (residency Tjirebon) and Residentie Preanger Regentschappen (Residency Priangan) , Soekaboemi district which was part of the residency Priangan west henceforth be included as part of the residency Boeitenzorg, therefore, and Sukabumi district currently has a vehicle number plate F

During the Japanese occupation 

After the Japanese conquest of the Dutch East Indies on March 8, 1942, was issued Law no. 27, 1942 concerning changes in Local Governance on August 5, 1942. residency (Residentie Preanger Regentschappen) renamed Syukocan and head regions called Syukocanco. Regency (Cambodgien) renamed Ken and head regions called Kenco. Kenco first Soekaboemi still RAA Soeriadanoeningrat. RAA Soeriadanoeningrat himself died in 1942 and was replaced by R. Tirta Soeyatna as Kenco second.

Early Independence 
After Indonesia's independence on August 17, 1945, the consultative meeting held by figures such as Mr. R. Syamsoedin, Mr. Haroen and Dr. Aboe Hanifah who will agree to send a delegation to the residency of Boeitenzorg for urgent implementation of the handover of power from Japan to Indonesia. If that fails, it is agreed will also be holding a mass action on October 1, 1945 which consists of People's Security Agency, Police, knid, Ulema and Envoy area.

Having announced on October 1, 1945 in Boeitenzorg where negotiations fail, the mass was today also take action to shut Kempeitai office to release all political prisoners and confiscated all weapons therein. In Victoria Square (now Independence Square Sukabumi) Japanese flag lowered and replaced with the flag officially. Government offices of the Japanese occupation was also captured on the same day. In just a few days the whole Sukabumi have can be mastered by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. Occurs massive replacement Kewedanaan and District officials are not pro-independence figures are pro-independence.

After being under the control of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, in late 1945 Mr. Haroen appointed as Regent of Sukabumi first post-independence, while Mr. R. Syamsoedin appointed Mayor of the city of Sukabumi. Terms administratively Japan itself is replaced with the term Indonesia, as Ken is converted into the District. October 1 was designated as Day Sukabumi.

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